Time4Good helps the world’s busiest people maximize their time

A diverse group of Leaders now respond more effectively to those trying to reach them - improving the quality of new meetings and supporting their favorite charities

For Leaders

  1. Improves workflow and increases inbox control
  2. Improves engagement with those trying to get hold of you (the “Rising Stars”)
  3. Raises money & awareness for your favorite cause(s)
  4. Suggest a Leader

For Rising Stars

  1. Fairly and transparently clarifies access to the Leader you are trying to reach
  2. Reduces or eliminates no-reply limbo
  3. Increases engagement with the Leader, and the great causes they - and you - care about
  4. Sign Up

For Charities

  1. Increase revenue – 90% of revenue on Time4Good goes to good causes
  2. Increase awareness through Leaders who already support you
  3. Open new donor relationships with Rising Stars
  4. Suggest a Cause