To date we have shipped $140,000+ of school supplies, $50,000+ of medical supplies, $20,000+ in vitamins, hundreds of boxes of donated clothes and toys, and funded more than 30 life surgeries including severe burns, orthopedic reconstructions, and heart repairs. This is a grassroots organization. All participants in this fund are volunteers, 100% of donated funds will go to those children and families in need. TOM DEIERLEIN FOUNDATION MISSION STATEMENT: TD Foundation is a 100% volunteer organization that provides aid to children of wounded warriors and fallen heroes. We help American Veterans’ families in crisis. WHAT WE BELIEVE: The organization is non-political. Regardless of how people feel about the war, one thing is true for all of us – we do not want to see innocent children suffer. The truly tragic thing about the current situation is that the most innocent and needy are suffering. With the mass exodus of the middle class in 2002-2006, there are precious few social institutions and places for these destitute families to seek medical care and obtain life’s basic necessities like clothes and vitamins or a simple notebook and pencil for school. Many people frustrated with the war and the current economy want to find ways to make a difference, or do something – ANYTHING. TDF provides an extremely valuable opportunity for all of us to make a true difference – a direct, specific, and tangible difference – in the lives of young children effected by war.