The Association For Social And Environmental Development (ASED) is an Indian nonprofit that creates youth nature leaders. Founded by Fulbright scholar and avid environmentalist, Ms. Diti Mookherjee, ASED works with local schools and has created over 2500 youth nature leaders through the Green Rhinos Program. Since 2014, the Green Rhinos, have worked to plant nearly 28,000 tress; conducted garbage cleaning drives; and educated local people about the wise use of plastic bags. The Green Rhinos goal is to reach over 5,000 student leaders by the end of 2016. These students not only act on combating climate change in their local communities but also allows for the students to become more creative thinkers. An example of this is Solar Lamps campaign that raised over $50,000 to provide a source of efficient and clean energy to 2600 individual school students and their families by giving them solar lamps as an alternative to kerosene lamps. The above photo is of one of ASED's very own trained Green Rhino's holding a solar lamp. The project took place in the remote Sundarbans in South East India. For more information on campaigns currently in progress, please visit our Global Giving page at: and also check out this video: