The mission of the Wildlife Waystation is to rescue and provide sanctuary for native and exotic wildlife both nationally and internationally.

Founded by Martine Colette in 1965 and incorporated in 1976, the Wildlife Waystation (WW) is located on 160 acres in the Angeles National Forest in Southern California.

Internationally recognized, WW has accepted four tigers from Ireland, lions from New Zealand and Canada, other exotic animals from across the United States, as well as native animals in Southern California and other states.

Every rescue was important and often life saving, whether it was two orphaned grizzly cubs in Montana, twenty four lions and three ligers from a deplorable place in Idaho, chimpanzees from biomedical research, an owl who had been shot or an injured scrub jay.

Since 1976, WW has helped more than 76,000 abused, abandoned, orphaned, and injured animals. These include Siberian and Bengal tigers, lions, leopards, ligers, jaguars, mountain lions, wolves, coyotes, camels, primates, hyenas, bears, foxes, reptiles, exotic birds, birds of prey, and more.