"Hi, looking forward to chatting about maximizing the value of our time - for good"

If you are interested in using the Time4Good platform or engaging us for Time Maximization consulting & speaking, please email enquiry@time4good.net with 'MEMBER' or 'CONSULTING' Enquiry in the subject-heading.

If you are interested in talking about your social / environmental idea, or seeking general career advice, I love to chat and help where I can.
It’s unfortunately not something I am able to allocate too much free time to each month, but keen to do what I can to help. Looking forward to connecting!

If the reason for chatting is not mentioned above, I may not be the best person to help but will try to connect you with another Time4Good member, if I know someone better placed to assist.

*For Yale Students & Alumni* | Extra Office Hours

For a small donation to Earthplace.org and your favorite charity I'll find a slot outside my Yale days to chat.

New Idea to Talk About - "Pick my brain"

For new ideas & initiatives, a donation to ASED as well as your own favorite cause, means I'll carve out 1/2hr and be all ears!
The coffee/beer is on me if we can meet in person; otherwise very happy to Zoom or Skype...

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"Time4Good works for me on a number of levels. It helps maximize my time - especially on projects that are not in my day-to-day priorities - and allows me to reply to (just about!) everyone in my inbox.

It also benefits lots of great causes such as ASED's Green Rhinos program, my local Earthplace.org, and charities we all care about."

- Peter

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"It was through Time4Good that I managed to get hold of Peter.

The bonus was meeting Ian in the pic at the same time, and I still collaborate with Peter to this day."

- Mark

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"Association for Social & Economic Development (ASED) benefits simply by Peter valuing and allocating some of his time through Time4Good.

We were very happy when Time4Good chose one of our 'Green Rhinos' to be the homepage image of Time4Good.org. She symbolizes for both organizations the power of philanthropy to improve lives - and in this case showing how communities can leapfrog dirty energy to the best clean technology available.

A big thanks to Peter and the team at Time4Good - keep up the good work."

- Diti Mukherjee (Fulbright Scholar and Founder of ASED)

For Leaders

  1. Improves workflow and increases inbox control
  2. Improves engagement with those trying to get hold of you (the “Rising Stars”)
  3. Raises money & awareness for your favorite cause(s)
  4. Suggest a Leader

For Rising Stars

  1. Fairly and transparently clarifies access to the Leader you are trying to reach
  2. Reduces or eliminates no-reply limbo
  3. Increases engagement with the Leader, and the great causes they - and you - care about

For Charities

  1. Increase revenue – 90% of revenue on Time4Good goes to good causes
  2. Increase awareness through Leaders who already support you
  3. Open new donor relationships with Rising Stars
  4. Suggest a Cause