How It Works

Time4Good is a new social business that helps the world’s busiest people better connect with everyone in their inbox - while benefiting great causes with every interaction.

We do this by creating draws and other tailored services for each Leader who is a member of Time4Good.

  • We help Leaders: Our members are Leaders who excel in their field - whether it is entertainment, entrepreneurship, philanthropy, public service or other. Being great at what they do means they are in very high demand
  • We help Rising Stars: People who know who they need to access in order to achieve their goals
  • We help Charities: They receive 90% of revenue, and increased visibility to further their mission

We are in the process of becoming a BCorp, and welcome your comments and suggestions as we grow. We would especially welcome suggestions of Leaders who you think would benefit from membership, and Charities you believe we should list – please email:
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Leaders define what enquiries they are available for, and when they can chat

Our service is built around the pressures facing the Leader. They define how it really works

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The Leader provides Rising Stars with link to their private profile

Unless requested, Leaders’ profiles are not accessed from Time4Good homepage

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True Engagement with selected Rising Star(s), catching both at their best

Whether selected or not, all Rising Stars are promptly notified, regarding where they stand

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The leader’s private profile lets you know what they’re available for, and when

You can only access the profile by receiving a link from the Leader or one of their team unless the Leader has decided to be publicly listed

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You pick the time-slot, select your cause, & enter to win

All the engagement opportunities currently available will be displayed. When you select a way to donate, you can select where 20% of your donation will go

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You catch the Leader at their best, or know you can try next time

As soon as the Draw is made, we update everyone who has bought a ticket. For more, see Terms & Conditions

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Charities can apply to be registered with Time4Good, if not already listed

If you are a charity and are not already listed to receive donations - but would like to be – please email

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Charities can encourage Leaders who already support them to join Time4Good

Following setup on, charities are welcome to refer Leaders who may benefit from joining Time4Good

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Charities receive donations according to Leaders & Rising Stars selections

Time4Good will work with you to ensure that you receive all funds due to you and a list of donors

Every Dollar Spent on Time4Good is Split Three Ways…


How We Run the Draws

For every Draw, Tickets are selected via an open-source quantum random-numbers server from the good folks at Australian National University. The number-picker generates random numbers in real-time in their lab by measuring the quantum fluctuations of the vacuum. By carefully measuring these fluctuations, they are able to generate ultra-high bandwidth random numbers. Hats off to them – more info here:

Importantly, please note that a selected Ticket does not guarantee a meeting with a Leader. Your materials still have to be checked by the Leader or their team as normal. This keeps the quality of the meetings high, and the intentions of the Leader offering their time fully honored.

For more information and more detail, please consult our:

And please email us with any other questions at